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The A&S area at An Tir - West War is going to be the place to visit. In addition to Classes, we have Book Dives, Hosen Wars, a Salon and Demos.


There are going to be many marvellous classes at An Tir - West War this year. Check out the catalog and schedule and start planning your Arts and Sciences Time.

Book Dives

What is a Book Dive you ask? It is an opportunity to get your geek on with like-minded folks. You bring your books, bibliographies, and research. What follows is a two-hour intensive discussion.

There will be three Book Dives:

Hosen Wars

There will be two Sock Competitions at this year’s An Tir/West War. Both are for knee length SCA period style socks.

War One: Speedy Needles

The requirements for the stockings for Speedy Needles are:

For this contest a free pattern for knit stockings will be provide. The pattern is Pre-Literate Stockings, available on line at:

Other patterns that produce a period plausible stocking may be used if they are at least 16 inches from heel to top. No stockings may be started before 9:00 am on Friday, July 5th, but you are encouraged to practice ahead of time.

Participants must bring all supplies they will need. Participants may turn in completed stockings at any time of Friday, Saturday or Sunday. All participants must stop and turn in their stockings by the announced time on Sunday, July 7th. (Time TBA, probably one hour before afternoon court).

Prizes will be awarded for:

War Two: Splendid Stockings

For the Splendid contest, stockings may be started before arrival at ATWW. Any period plausible pattern for knee length socks may be used. This is a Beauty Contest - the more opulent and splendid the design, the better. (Think Eleanor di Toledo stockings or Islamic color worked patterns)

Please be prepared to submit your creations for judging on Sunday before afternoon court.

More information contact: Eadgyth at

Other Activities

Other Activities include:

There is still room for more activities. If you would like to teach a class, host a book dive or do a demo, please let the Arts and Sciences Coordinator, Dame Ellen Fraser, know.

Arts and Sciences Coordinator

Dame Ellen Fraser

Arts and Sciences Classes

There is a full roster of Classes at this Year's War. Download the pdf of class descriptions here.

The schedule for the above classes is available here.


An Tir - West War T-shirts can be ordered here.